Youth Basketball Recognition Night

SATURDAY, february 6, 2021

It was an honor to have the opportunity to celebrate "Youth Basketball Recognition Night" last night, as our lower school recreational teams were recognized for their outstanding seasons. Special thanks to the amazing coaches and families who represent CHS throughout our local recreational leagues. The future of CHS Athletics with these Lions on the rise is so bright!

Meet the Teams

5-6 Coed CHS Lions Carley Fetzer, Travis Boatwright
5-6 Coed CHS Lions Andrew Dawson, Joseph Farmer
7-8 Girls CHS Pride Nick Reed, Mike Green
7-8 Boys CHS Goats Casey Baxter, Corey Baxter, Jamey Middleton
7-8 Boys Steelers Frank Pinson
9-10 Boys Steelers Frank Pinson
9-10 Girls CHS Lions Mike Green, Craig Dunn
9-10 Boys CHS Pride Andy Parkinson, Chris Simuro
9-10 Boys CHS Goats Rob Neal, Casey Baxter
9-10 Boys CHS Lions Richard Williams, Nick Reed
11-12 Girls Lady Lions Markisha Washington