Second Grade's Week of Camping

Friday, August 16, 2019

Photos and summary contributed by second-grade teacher, Mitzi Tatum.

"We began the year with a cabin/camping theme. A cabin/camping is a place to explore, learn, to make memories, to enjoy one another, to problem solve, use team work, and to have new experiences. This is what we want our second-grade year to be about. It also gives the students an opportunity to ease back into school. We do all sorts of things with the theme: math word problems, read aloud books, learning to be happy campers with our behavior, keeping our campsite clean (our classroom and their personal area), science experiments, and more. Our S'mores Day helped us learn about making a hypothesis about a marshmallow after heat is applied. It has been a great first week! Our summer required reading was Blueberries for Sal, a story about picking blueberries and meeting a couple of bears. We had a teddy bear blueberry day to discuss the book. We ate blueberries and snuggled with our teddy bears during the discussion."