Campus Safety

Committed to ensuring the safest environment for your child.

At CHS, student safety is our top priority. A student’s education and spiritual growth begin with a safe and secure learning environment. Security measures are in place at CHS to protect our students, employees, and visitors, not to inconvenience them. Our commitment derives from lessons learned and expose how simply having a slogan is not enough for preventing today's security threats and challenges. In order for security to be effective, everyone is empowered to help. 


Campus safety at CHS aims to:

  • Increase awareness
  • Provide consistent education
  • Implement procedures that have been thoroughly critiqued
  • Practice persistent training
  • Observe drills
  • Evaluate overall performance
  • Re-train
  • Re-drill


Security is everyone's responsibility. When every second counts, it is through the “together we” approach that we find our success. From "see something, say something" to questioning individuals on campus without visitor badges, everyone is a part of the same team. The right tools and the right procedures are critical to improving security and safety results, and everyone is expected to set the example.




Security measures that are implemented at CHS include:

  • 24/7 video surveillance through CCTV cameras
  • Locked doors and access control
  • Radio systems
  • An emergency response team (ERT) consisting of school staff that have received specialized training in tactical emergency procedures


JT Horton, Director of Facilities