Summer Camps at CHS

At CHS, the experience does not end when the school year is over.

It only continues when summer break begins! Each year, our summer camps provide an exciting and engaging selection of programs for students of all ages to enjoy throughout the months of June and July. We want students to be encouraged to explore their interests and hobbies while continuing to learn and grow even after the school year is complete. We invite you and your favorite camper to explore our wide array of summer camp offerings!


COVID-19 UPDATE: Camp registrations MUST be completed online. No on-site registrations will be accepted.

*To register online, please submit a separate registration form for each individual camper. You may register for more than one camp per camper under the same registration form.

Additionally, please note that a 3.5% transaction fee is required for online registrations and is already factored into the final cost of each camp.

To ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our Summer Camps at CHS staff and campers of all ages, here are just a few of the precautionary measures that CHS is enforcing, in alignment with state-mandated guidelines, across campus and throughout each of our camp experiences:

  • Limited number of campers per session based on the square footage of the camp’s location on campus.

  • Mandatory temperature checks each day for both staff members and campers prior to entering campus.
  • Socially distanced check points that must be adhered to prior to entering campus. 
  • Campers required to be dropped off and picked up through a carpool line. NO parents or guardians permitted to pick up or drop off campers by entering a campus building. 
  • Training for camp staff on guidelines and best practices prior to the beginning of each camp.
  • Frequent cleanings of campus both before, during, and after each camp session. 
  • Requirement for campers to bring their own water bottles that are labeled and are only used by one camper. 
  • Sanitation stations strategically placed across campus.
  • Camp staff ensuring frequent and timely sanitation and ensuing extreme proper hygiene practices for both campers and staff members. 
  • Option for campers to wear protective masks, but not mandatory.
  • Option for campers to bring and use their own athletic equipment (i.e. baseballs, basketballs, footballs, softballs) rather than school-issued equipment, which will undergo sanitation multiple times throughout the course of each camp session.

We encourage each family to review these guidelines prior to registering for any camp to ensure all members agree to adhere to the policies and procedures that will be in place. 


Tyler Watkins ('07)

PHONE 706.277.1198 (ext. 1014) 


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