A great plan lifts us all.

For a school, a strategic plan lays out initiatives that capture our focus and help prioritize enhancements to programs and, ultimately, our students' experience, achievement, and success. I am grateful to the countless individuals who provided feedback and input through surveys, collaboration, and one-on-one meetings to build the foundation of Deeply Rooted. CHS has so much to be proud of, and I believe God will use our efforts to strengthen our school to have an even greater impact on our students and our community.

Please spend a little time learning about what to expect from CHS in the coming months and years. Unlike many strategic plans, Deeply Rooted is not built with a time frame in mind. We want to complete these initiatives as soon as possible, with the understanding that it will take time to master. 

Join us in prayer, thanking God for all He has done and is doing at CHS.

Deeply Rooted in Him,

Kent Harrison, Head of School

Explore Deeply Rooted

Meet Bart

"As we move into a new strategic phase in the history of Christian Heritage School, our mission remains constant. We have made great strides in excelling as THE exemplary Christian school in our geographic region, and our goal is to continue to expand our academic, arts, and athletic facilities and programming not only to meet but exceed the needs and expectations of our students and families."

-Bart Hill, Father of Gracie ('20), Mia ('24), and Henry ('26); Member of the CHS Board of Trustees and CHS Endowment Foundation, Inc.

Meet Olivia ('24)

"Our school’s Active Faith pillar has had a tremendous impact on my life and continues to work through me to impact those I have the opportunity to serve. Through the phenomenal faculty members and the leadership of my peers, I have truly grown in my faith far beyond what I ever imagined possible. Active Faith allows me to serve Jesus and others in some way each day, and CHS has shaped me into the best version of myself through the leadership positions I have grown to love. I would never have an experience like what CHS has given me at any other school, and I feel blessed each day that I was given the gift of a CHS education for my high school years."

-Olivia Beavers ('24)

Meet Britt

"At CHS, our dedicated faculty designs challenging learning experiences that are deeply rooted in the teachings of God’s Truth while also preparing our students for the life God has planned for them."

-Britt Adams, Academic Dean & Director of Middle School

Meet Steve

The campus at Christian Heritage School is the foundation of the experience. Each of the four pillars’ strengths, Academics, Athletics, Arts, and Active Faith, rely on creative spaces that allow students to grow and maximize their skill set. It will be exciting to see a campus plan that impacts each division’s experience, arts and athletics, and enhances active faith. 

-Steve Herndon, Father of Chase ('17), Ellis ('20), Mary Margaret ('20), and Mitchell ('20); Member of the CHS Endowment Foundation, Inc.