International Admission

A unique distinctive at Christian Heritage School is our International Homestay Program. As an international student, beginning your experience in a new country with a local host family can allow you to experience what life is really like in your host country while greatly improving your language skills. All international students are placed with approved American host families to provide complete immersion into American culture and traditions. In turn, American families have the opportunity to expose their family to new cultures and create an international network of friends.

On average, we welcome students from seven different countries each school year as part of our International Homestay Program. In recent years, we have hosted students from Australia, Austria, Croatia, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Kingdom of Spain, Montenegro, Peoples Republic of China, Republic of Korea, Republic of Serbia, and Vietnam.

Through a robust international student program, we create a global learning experience for the entire student body and are equipping young people, of all nationalities, to confidently serve the one true God that created each of us with our unique attributes and cultures.

Meet Veljko ('17)

"From all of the schools that I attended during my time as a grade-school student, I believe that CHS was the best one. From my experience, CHS is not only a school but a community. I quite enjoyed the fact that I knew most of the students and built relationships with them that last to this day. The professors are also impressive, as they individually challenge each student while at the same time helping students deal with the areas they are lacking in."

-Veljko Stojanovic (Serbia), Class of 2017

Meet Sissi ('18)

"As an alumna of CHS, I felt really prepared for college life at Syracuse University. The unique teaching method of discussion (Harkness) made me be more confident in my speaking in class. Living with a host family is a great experience for international students. Living with an American family gave me an environment to not only speak more with native English speakers but to directly experience the American lifestyle."

-Xiyuan (Sissi) Su (China), Class of 2018

Meet Chad ('18)

"Coming to CHS was the best decision I have ever made. CHS taught me what I needed to know to succeed in college. CHS not only prepared me strongly academically but also shaped who I am right now. I was also lucky to have my amazing and lovely host family in my life."

-Chaojue (Chad) Zhang (China), Class of 2018

Who is an international student?

A student is considered an international student if an I-20 is required for residency AND the student will require housing with an approved Christian Heritage School family during the school year. If a student requires a visa to study in the United States, he/she must apply as an international student. There are several steps to our admission process, and families are required to complete all of the steps before they can be considered for admission.

Application Instructions

CHS admits students regardless of race, socio-economic status, and national or ethnic origin. CHS does not discriminate on the basis of race, socio-economic status, and national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, financial assistance programs, athletic programs, and other school-administered programs. CHS reserves the right to refuse admittance to any family it believes may cause disruption to the community spirit that exists among the families currently involved at CHS.


Albert LaBoy, International & Latino Outreach Director

PHONE 706.277.1198 (ext. 2011)