Developing innovative learners.

Motivated by a dynamic climate, Christian Heritage School desires to combine time-tested best practices with current trends and resources to ensure adaptability in the ever-changing technological landscape. An important component of a healthy connection to technology is the ability to disconnect when necessary, maintain a positive digital presence, and foster balanced relationships with others. At CHS, our goal is to help students understand how to control, rather than be controlled by, technology.

We strive to promote an adaptive awareness of current and emerging technologies which will allow students to pursue their calling. Technology skills are a prerequisite for survival and effectiveness in a global society and a tool to advance all areas of education. We seek to assist students as they engage to solve real-world problems.


Learning to innovate.

Students are introduced to a wide variety of software tools in an atmosphere that encourages application of technology. While all students are given a high level of technology literacy, more specialized technology classes are also an essential part of our curriculum. Our middle school students have the opportunity to be a part of the Robotics and Computer Aided Design classes, while our high school students get to choose from Robotics and Automated Systems, Digital Media Technology, and Entrepreneurship and Marketing.


Learning to connect.

All CHS students have an individual MacBook Air or Chromebook. This not only connects our students to online academic resources, but prepares them for a technologically connected world while allowing them to research and work independently. Our objective is to expose students to a quality device that allows them to maximize their learning potential, maintain student safety, and be fiscally responsible.



Learning at a young age.

Second- and third-grade students are introduced to the design process as well as various drafting concepts through the use of TinkerCAD. Beginning in the fourth grade, students have the opportunity to participate in the FIRST LEGO League Jr. program. This program uses LEGO to foster creative thinking while diving into the world of robotic engineering. Students work together in groups while competing to tackle real world challenges.


Randal Burnam, Technology Manager

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