Middle School

sixth - eighth grade

Discovering and developing each student's unique passions and interests.

Middle school is a special time; a time filled with growth opportunities, high energy, and changes. Middle school at CHS provides students with an array of academic, artistic, athletic, social, and service opportunities designed to maximize these key formative years. Whether in the classroom, throughout the hallways, on the stage, or on the playing fields, our goal is to impact lives positively for Christ with a faculty and staff that understands the needs of these developing adolescent students.




Students begin to find their voice through participating in Harkness discussions, a practice which brings about a transformation in their growing ability to think critically and speak articulately. The Harkness table offers a neutral, safe place for students to test out ideas, interpretations, and applications with peers and their teacher. The Middle School Prefects, a group comprised of carefully selected eighth-grade students, play a leadership role in the middle school in areas such as academics, admissions, arts, athletics, campus pride, school spirit, and spiritual development.


Students in grades 6-8 are taught Bible, English, history, mathematics, and science. In addition to these classroom subjects, our middle school students have the opportunity to enjoy and explore elective options dedicated to the arts, health and physical education, Spanish, and technology. This array of class offerings capitalize upon the skills students need to work towards their full potential as academic demands grow. Reading comprehension, organization, time management, technology, and speaking skills are brought to the forefront in middle school, and students are trained to grow in their independence in each of these key areas.


Britt Adams, Director of Middle School

PHONE 706.277.1198 (ext. 1021) 

EMAIL badams@chslions.com