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College-prep mindset. Calling-prep experience.

The mission of Christian Heritage School’s College Advising Program is to build personal relationships with high school students that encourage their exploration, develop their decision-making skills, and assist them in moving confidently from the CHS community to the next stage of life. Individualized and student-centered, our goal is to assist and empower students during the college process so they are prepared to choose the right college and successfully move through the next phase of their education. 

Our goal is for each student to understand how God has uniquely designed and hard-wired them in order to better understand a plan and purpose for their life. Students may not leave CHS knowing all of the answers, but they will leave asking themselves the essential questions to discover where their God-given passions and abilities lie. The principles upon which calling prep are built are rooted in the Word of God and based on the premise that God has placed specific gifts and talents within each student. At CHS, we are committed to helping our students live out their passions during the school day as we encourage and equip them to fulfill their God-ordained calling.

College Bound

Our students have been accepted to more than 90 colleges over the past five years. 


all in this together

At CHS, we believe that creating relationships with families is a priority. Targeted programs are offered and events are hosted for parents in each grade level throughout the school year as well as presentations given that are related to the college admission and financial aid process. All of these events are designed to keep students and their families informed and empowered as they navigate through the exciting college search process.

there from the start

The College Advising Office assists in all aspects of the college planning process, including research and creating a balanced list of colleges, planning for standardized tests, application essay writing, the financial aid process, career planning, and all of the factors to consider when making that important final decision. Although we are always available for guidance and support, it is important to remember that students have the ultimate responsibility in this process.  

Explore College Advising

Christian Heritage School is pleased to announce the implementation of a new college guidance management system called Scoir (pronounced "score"). This new, modern online system will streamline the process of requesting, processing, sending and tracking the electronic delivery of all application-related documents. More importantly, it is much more helpful for students and parents during the college search and selection process.

On Scoir, colleges come to life through pictures, videos, and links that highlight active student clubs and organizations. This better enables students to identify colleges that are a good fit with their personal and academic interests, which increases college retention. Scoir also provides parents with useful financial calculators so you can determine the likely cost of attendance at different colleges and consider the affordability when deciding where to apply. These features, along with more convenient scheduling and communication tools, will help keep everyone informed and engaged throughout the college application process.

Scoir exists to help more students achieve more positive outcomes, and CHS is excited to provide students access to this system and the opportunities it provides. 


Joni Tenney, Director of College Advising

PHONE 706.277.1198 (ext. 2012)