Learning not what to think, but how to think.

A CHS education not only prepares students for college but for life. While our academic roots are in a traditional, college preparatory curriculum, our studies also inspire students to dig deeper into their unique God-given talents and interests while preparing them for the purpose for which they were created.

Academics at CHS are intended to provide challenging learning opportunities for students that prepare them for the world they are inheriting in a biblical environment. We are committed to instilling a Christ-centered education in every student through the teaching of God's truth, whether it is scientific, historical, philosophical, or spiritual. Our dedicated faculty provides a high-quality program of academics and extracurricular opportunities that allows every student to shine in their own unique way. Small classes led by faculty who are accomplished in their fields of study create an ideal environment for academic growth and success.

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The innovative environment at CHS is designed to develop students’ critical thinking skills while working collaboratively with others to create solutions to real-life problems and effectively communicating their findings. From the earliest grade levels, students are learning how to think, not just what to think. This approach to teaching empowers our graduates to thrive in a world of continual change and increasing complexity. Students build the confidence and skills to take the next step in pursuing and thriving in the calling God has prepared for them.

Meet AJ ('19)

“I have had the opportunity to see many of the people that I love do well in life because of CHS. The CHS experience has exposed me to a variety of opportunities that I would not otherwise have had as a high school student. When selecting a college, I wanted to pick somewhere that could help me do the absolute best in this next chapter of my life and beyond, just as CHS instilled in me. The accomplishment of being able to play basketball in college comes of course with joy, but knowing my future is headed in the right direction because of my growth and preparation as a student here makes me even happier. My mission was to sign for the next 40 years, not just the next four.”

-AJ Kent, Class of 2019

Meet Ella ('22)

"I am so thankful for CHS. School can be hard for me, but my teachers are caring and have worked with me to help me become the student that I am today. Because of their help, care, and love, I felt prepared for high school and had a great freshman year experience. High school can be scary, but my first year was amazing!"

-Ella Hildebrand, Class of 2022