Meet Our Faculty

At CHS, we hire teachers, administrators, and staff members who are committed to their students and to our community. Our covenant based faculty deeply value the four pillars of the School while placing an even greater emphasis on the relationships between teachers and students. Christian Heritage School seeks faculty who thrive on teamwork, are lifelong learners, who profess Christ as Lord, and who are equipped to integrate this faith into their teaching.

Frank Apple

Chatsworth Bus Driver

Cecilia Atchley

Lower School Spanish Teacher

Phone Extension: 1202

Lanae Baker ('04)

Director of Alumni & GOAL Coordinator

Phone Extension: 1024

Hunter Ballew

High School Social Science Teacher

HS Football Coach; HS Girls Golf Coach

Phone Extension: 1352

Eric Bishop

Director of Innovation & Instructional Technology

HS Track & Field Coach

Phone Extension: 1013

Jennifer Bishop

High School Bible Teacher

Phone Extension: 2252

Cassandra Blackwood

Pinnacle Teacher

Helen Boen

Dean of Faculty

Phone Extension: 1002

Emily Bolin

Lower School Music Teacher

Aftercare Helper

Rachel Boyd

Middle & High School Spanish Teacher

HS Boys Soccer Coach

Phone Extension: 1307/2254

Earl Brackin

Advanced Instrument Director

Brian Branam

High School Bible Teacher

HS Football Chaplain

Phone Extension: 2359

Viviane Bruton

First-Grade Teacher

Phone Extension: 1111

John-Paul Burdashaw

Director of Christian Life

Phone Extension: 1351

Randal Burnam

Technology Manager

Phone Extension: 2155

Sherie Camp

Kindergarten Paraprofessional

Doug Davis

Fifth-Grade Teacher

HS Football Coach; HS Baseball Coach

Phone Extension: 1205

Tami Dodd

Lower & Middle School Head

Phone Extension: 1004

Alicia Evans

High School Math Teacher

Phone Extension: 2350

Bryan Evans

Middle School Bible Teacher

MS Golf Coach

Phone Extension: 1305

April Fischer

High School Social Science Teacher

Phone Extension: 2352

Bill Fisher

Band Director

Phone Extension: 1020

Colby Fisher ('13)

Communications Manager

HS Cheerleading Coach; MS Cheerleading Coach

Phone Extension: 1025

Miranda Fisher

Office Manager

Admission Officer

Phone Extension: 1013

Brooklyn Fuhrwerk

Middle School English Teacher

Phone Extension: 1303

Anita Goddard

Head of High School

Phone Extension: 2009

Tim Gossett

Middle School History Teacher

Phone Extension: 1306

Cassie Graeff

High School English Teacher

Phone Extension: 2355

Lauri Gray

First-Grade Teacher

Aftercare Director

Phone Extension: 1109

Win Griffith

Middle School Science Teacher

MS Boys Basketball Coach; MS Baseball Coach

Phone Extension: 1304

Connie Gumm


Administrative Assistant to the High School Head

Phone Extension: 2008

Dylan Haley

High School Science Teacher

Phone Extension: 2152

Camden Hardaway ('10)

Kindergarten Teacher

MS Tennis Coach

Phone Extension: 1105

Elizabeth Hardaway

Director of Admission

HS Tennis Coach

Phone Extension: 2004

Kent Harrison

Head of School

Phone Extension: 2002

Tammy Hein

Third-Grade Teacher

Phone Extension: 1114

Nancy Hermann

School Nurse

Phone Extension: 1006/2250

Vicki Higgins

NILD Therapist & Teacher

Tammy Hildebrand

Sixth-Grade Teacher

Phone Extension: 1204

Sherrie Hiltbrand

Payroll Specialist

Phone Extension: 1010

Marcus Holmes

Director of Facilities & Campus Safety

Phone Extension: 1012

Brent Howard

Strength & Conditioning Teacher

HS Football Coach

Patton Hunt

High School Social Science Teacher

MS Boys Soccer Coach

Phone Extension: 2158

Jo-Ann Irwin

High School Science Teacher

Phone Extension: 2151

Steve Irwin

High School Specials Teacher

HS Boys Basketball Coach

Beth Jordan

High School English Teacher

Phone Extension: 2353

Chad Jordan

Athletic Director

HS Football Coach; HS Golf Coach

Phone Extension: 2005

Cassie Knight

Fourth-Grade Teacher

Phone Extension: 1112

Albert LaBoy

International & Latino Outreach Director

HS Boys Soccer Coach

Phone Extension: 2011

Amy LaBoy

Executive Assistant to the Head of School

HS Volleyball Coach

Phone Extension: 2002

April Lester

Lower School Art Teacher

Phone Extension: 1308

Heather Lowery

Sixth-Grade Teacher

MS Girls Basketball Coach; MS FCA

Phone Extension: 1207

Caleb Mahoney ('07)

High School Math Teacher

HS Girls Basketball Coach; HS Girls Soccer Coach; HS Cross Country Coach

Phone Extension: 2251

Tori Malone

Lower & Middle School Campus Receptionist

HS Volleyball Coach; Sports Information Director

Phone Extension: 1000

Jessica McCuiston

Fine Arts Director

Phone Extension: 2356

Bonnie McKinney

High School English Teacher

Phone Extension: 2354

Amy McMichen

NILD Therapist & Teacher

Jamey Middleton

Lower School P.E. Teacher

HS Baseball Coach; MS Softball Coach

Phone Extension: 1015

Mary Neff

Middle School Math Teacher

Phone Extension: 1302

Lisa Peeples

High School Math Teacher

Maggie Plumley ('12)

High School Math Teacher & Athletic Finance

HS Girls Basketball Coach; MS Boys Cross Country Coach

Phone Extension: 2003

Amy Poag

Director of College Counseling & Student Life

Phone Extension: 2012

Jay Poag

Dean of Students

HS Football Coach

Phone Extension: 2010

April Pritchett

Third-Grade Teacher

Phone Extension: 1113

Bryan Rayburn

High School Law Teacher

Dewey Roberts

Calhoun Bus Driver

Holly Roberts

Financial Registrar

Phone Extension: 1008

Mary Beth Shultz

CFO/Business Manager

Phone Extension: 1009

Carrie Smith

Food Services Coordinator

Phone Extension: 1005

Beth Smithey

High School Science Teacher

MS Volleyball Coach

Phone Extension: 2153

Sandy Southeard

Pinnacle Coordinator

Phone Extension: 1021

Susan Sparks

Media Specialist

Phone Extension: 1011

Ansley Suddeth

Fourth-Grade Teacher

Phone Extension: 1110

Luanne Swanson

Pinnacle Teacher

Phone Extension: 1301

Mitzi Tatum

Second-Grade Teacher

Phone Extension: 1115

Meagan Teems

Fifth-Grade Teacher

Phone Extension: 1206

Joni Tenney

Kindergarten & Pre-First Teacher

Phone Extension: 1107

Efrain Uriostegui

Facilities Staff

Phone Extension: 1007

Elizabeth Uriostegui

Facilities Staff

Phone Extension: 1007

Anna Verhoeff

Aquaponics Coordinator

Phone Extension: 1027

Diane Volzer

High School Spanish Teacher

Phone Extension: 2253

Teri Ward

Director of Financial Aid

LB Watkins

High School Campus Receptionist

Phone Extension: 2000

Tyler Watkins ('07)

Middle School Heath & P.E. Teacher

MS Athletic Director; HS Boys Basketball Coach

Phone Extension: 1014

Connie Winter

NILD Therapist & Teacher

Phone Extension: 1028