Christian Heritage School is directed by a Board of Trustees that plans for the future of the School by ensuring and protecting our mission through setting appropriate governance policies. Additionally, the Board of Directors of the CHS Endowment Foundation, Inc., work to provide long-term financial sustainability for the benefit of CHS by securing gifts and grants from individuals and organizations, as well as by placing an intentional focus on growing the School's endowment and providing leadership and support of capital campaigns. 

Board of Trustees

Tony Farrell, Chairman

Seth Cole, Vice Chairman

Bart Hill, Treasurer

Tracee Reynolds, Secretary

Helen Boen

Vance Embry

Eric Geil

Tommy Goddard

Bryan Griffin

Kent Harrison

Nicole Raughton

Jim Richards

Chris Simuro

Karen Townsend

CHS Endowment Foundation, Inc.

Chris Simuro, Chairman

Jules Crawford

Herman Davis

Tony Farrell

Carl (Bubba) Griggs, Jr.

Kent Harrison

Steve Herndon

Jim Jolly

Bert Watts